2016-07-19 14:58:00

"National University Satisfaction Survey" was conducted. based on the survey results, Abdullah Gül University (AGU) has the 3rd highest student satisfaction rate in Turkey as a state university. It ranked 7th among all the universities.

10.894 students from 174 universities in all years of study joined the survey conducted by Prof. Engin Karadağ and Prof. Cemil Yücel. In the survey, universities were evaluated across learning experience, campus and campus life, academic support, learning opportunities, personal development and more.

In the ranking, universities were given A+, A, B, C, D and FF grades. Universities with the highest satisfaction rate received A+ while those having the lowest rate received FF.

The survey showed that 19 universities out of 174 were able to meet the expectations of students perfectly at A+ level.

based on the results, Abdullah Gül University (AGU) ranked 3rd among state universities out of 19 A+ grade universities while ranking 7th among all state and private universities.