2019-02-07 11:29:00

Mechanical Engineering student İbrahim Burkay Tuğluca's project application to TÜBITAK under the supervision of Abdullah Gül University (AGU) Mechanical Engineering faculty member Burak Bal has been accepted. İbrahim Burkay Tuğluca will carry out his project "Designing a Controlled Electrolytic Experiment to Research Hydrogen Fragility of High-Strength Steels Used in Defense Industry" with FNSS Defense Systems.

This way, Mechanical Engineer student İbrahim Burkay Tuğluca's B.Sc. graduation project will be supported within the TÜBİTAK Funding Programme for Industrial Graduation Projects (2209-B).

Tuğluca had previously published two A-level articles in international journals following his research on hydrogen fragility of metallurgical materials in Japan and Turkey. In this new project, Tuğluca and his advisor Dr. Burak Bal will set up experiments done abroad at the Abdullah Gül University Mechanical Engineering labs for better selection and use of steels in defense industry.