2018-04-03 15:57:00

İbrahim Burkay Tuğluca, 3rd year student at the Mechanical Engineering Department at Abdullah Gül University (AGU), published an article as the first author at one of the top-tier scientific publications, "Materials Science and Engineering A."

Tuğluca made a real success by having his article "High-concentration carbon assists plasticity-driven hydrogen embrittlement in a Fe-high Mn steel with a relatively high stacking fault energy" published as the first author in the said journal, which gets a score of 100 each year in the journal list of TUBITAK.

3rd year student Tuğluca is in the working group of Asst. Prof. Burak Bal, faculty member of the Mechanical Engineering, and has a A level publication now.

Asst. Prof. Burak Bal sends one high-achieving student to the working group at Kyushu University of Japan for internship within bilateral cooperation. Tuğluca did the same internship last year.